Sunday, 21 December 2008

How To Remove Spyware Using an Anti-Spyware Program

The first rule of removing spyware by using a specialized program is to not rely on anti-virus programs. Because spyware is different from viruses, you need a different program to remove it.(How to Remove Spyware Manually)

Start by downloading the latest updates for the program you're using. This ensures the program is up to date on what spyware to look for and how to find it. Most spyware removers will have an "Update" button you can click on to download the latest information.

Next, exit all browser windows and programs that you have running. This includes email. You should also disconnect your computer from the internet.(How to Remove Spyware Manually)These functions impede the functionality of the spyware remover because it can't scan files that are in use for spyware. The more activity you have going on in your computer, the more likely it is that spyware is open and working too.

Once everything is exited and you are disconnected from the internet, run a scan using your spyware cleaner.(How to Remove Spyware Manually)Do this by pressing the "Scan" button. This means that your anti-spyware program will look for suspicious files on your computer and report back to you, and you will be given a choice of what to do with any suspicious files it finds.

After the scan, turn on immunization options to help protect your computer against the spyware programs your scan has found in the future. Immunization options can be turned on by a button called "Immunize." Next allow your spyware cleaner to remove any spyware it finds.(How to Remove Spyware Manually)

Anti-Spyware Program

After you run a scan using your anti-spyware program for the first time, restart your computer and run a scan again. This ensures nothing was missed the first time. (How to Remove Spyware Manually) Let the program remove any additional spyware files. If suspicious files were found during the second scan, restart your computer and run the spyware remover again. Keep repeating the scan-restart-scan process until your anti-spyware program cannot find any more spyware.

If you repeat this process three times and your spyware remover keeps finding spyware, or if your program can't find any more spyware but you think there's still some left, you may want to try running a scan in your computer's "safe mode." When you start up your computer in "safe mode," only the most essential processes can activate. (How to Remove Spyware Manually)
This will prevent spyware from activating in the background and trying to hide itself while your spyware remover scans for it.

When you have finally removed all spyware your computer, you can start undoing any damage or setting changes the spyware may have caused.

How to Remove Spyware Manually

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